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Packers' Woodson is making no plans to retire

Scritto da il 19 Ottobre 2011

Packers cornerback Charles Woodson has no plans to retire from football even if the Packers go on to win another National Football League championship this season.
Woodson said. “I can still play the game at a high level and there is no reason for me to leave. touched on a number of other topics in the interview, including:
On the Packers’ 17 0 streak stretching back to last regular season and postseason: fun. When you can be a part of a team that just continues to win game after game, it fun. It fun to come to work, it fun to turn on the TV and listen to everybody talk about it. wholesale nfl jerseys It just a great deal of fun. So for guys on this team coming to work every day is blessing and a privilege. On the season quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having: had a chance to sit and watch Aaron when I first got here in and I thought to myself, this guy would start on every other team in the NFL, and now here he is having one of the best seasons of all time. It just a lot of fun to sit back there and watch him work. On Rodgers during the transition from Brett Favre: through that whole process we found out very quickly what kind of person he was and what he was going to mean to this team. All of the scrutiny that was surrounding him, being a guy that had to come in after an all time great a guy who was loved by 99% of everybody who is a Packers fan. He stood in there tall and just came to work every day and as soon as he got in there, everyone understood the decision of why the Packers went the way they went. On Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh penalty: was more so his reaction after the game that caught everybody off guard than even the stomp, and his explanation of what happened. So I think that there was probably a message that had to be sent by Roger Goodell and the NFL, that if you going to do something like that on the field then at least number one, own up to what you did, and then we take care of business accordingly after that.