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Peyton Manning talk playoffs

Scritto da il 12 Dicembre 2011

Brock Osweiler scrambles out of the pocket for a gain. He played through an injured left shoulder and elbow. am not special case, Osweiler said. is banged up. I will be ready to go. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)
Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler along with head coach Gary Kubiak and others discussed Sunday game against San Diego and the upcoming NFL playoffs.”I’m not really going to think about how the backup is this week. My focus is 100 percent on the Chargers’ defense and doing whatever I can to prepare to go win a football game.”
On why the hurry up offense worked so well for the Broncos on Monday night
“Well, the first thing with the no huddle, we haven’t really shown it on tape in a while, so I think it probably took them a little bit by surprise. cheap nfl jerseys It wasn’t probably something that they practiced during the week. Then obviously when we’re playing at home and we have the altitude for an advantage, it definitely wears down a defense. The whole key about the no huddle is getting first downs because if you’re getting three and out, it kind of defeats the purpose. Fortunately, we were getting first downs and we were able to wear out their defense a little bit as we went through the third and fourth quarter.”
On if he likes running the up tempo offense
“I do. I enjoy it. No huddle is something that I’m very comfortable with. It’s what I did in college, did it in high school, and then obviously it’s something that I’ve practiced a lot here. Haven’t had too much experience in the games, but it’s certainly something I’m very comfortable with.”
On whether it gives him confidence to know that Head Coach Gary Kubiak named him the starter with Manning healthy
“Obviously it means a lot. It shows I think that Coach believes in me, but once again, that’s not where my focus is. Like I’ve said before, whether I’m the starter, whether I’m the backup, I’m going to prepare the same exact way. I’m going to give this team everything I have every single week. Certainly to answer your question, yes, it means a lot, but that’s not really where my focus is. It feels good, but at the same time, I have a job to do this week. That’s where my focus is this week.”
On how he was told that he would be starting and Manning would be the backup
“I actually just found out a couple minutes ago. Yes, so it’s always news to everybody. Once again, that’s something that whether I was told yesterday or I was told 30 seconds ago, it’s not changing my approach. I think Coach understands that, and so that’s how things worked.”
On if the news that he is the starter changes the meeting room
“I don’t think so. I’m sure the meeting will be ran the same exact way. (Quarterbacks) Coach (Greg) Knapp obviously has been doing this for a very long time. Coach Knapp is a tremendous quarterbacks coach. He has a great handle on the quarterback meetings, and I’m sure it will be business as usual.”
On if he views the possibility of a first round bye and home field advantage as a big part of this week’s game
“Absolutely, and I think the entire locker room would say the same thing. Obviously we’re on a short week this week, but nobody is acting like that. Nobody is acting like they’re tired. Nobody is acting like they’re beat up. In fact, there is an extreme focus and energy throughout the building right now. Everybody understands what is at stake on Sunday, and the focus is really great right now.”
On the team turning its focus to the Chargers immediately after Monday night’s game
“You’re exactly right. This Sunday is a huge game for us. Not only does it give us an opportunity to win the division, which is obviously one of our goals every single year, but it gives us an opportunity to get that first round bye, which is huge to a football team this time of the year. Every football team in the NFL is beat up, guys are tired, and so if we can get that extra week, it’s going to mean a great deal to this football team, and we understand that. That’s why there is a great focus on the Chargers going all the way back to Monday night. As soon as that game was over I think I can speak for the entire locker room our focus switched right away to San Diego. It wasn’t celebrating the win. It was focusing in on getting a win this Sunday against the Chargers.”
On the status of his left shoulder and left elbow
“I feel great. I really do. Like I’ve said before, a lot of guys are beat up this time of year. At the same time, as far as my personal injuries, I feel great. I’m very excited to go play this Sunday.”
On who will not participate in practice
“(ILB) Brandon Marshall will not practice today. It a walk through this evening, but I don think Brandon will be involved at all.”
On the status of QB Peyton Manning
“We visited this morning. Peyton will be a part of practice today. He go back to work with the football team this week. I encouraged by that. We had a good week last week. Hopefully we have a good week this week and he available. If everything goes (well), which I have no reason to think that it should not go well this week, he would be the backup to (QB) Brock (Osweiler) in the game. We take it a step forward today. Like I said, we not going to do much, but we have two good days of practice on Thursday and Friday. That where we are.”
On if Manning would get any reps with the first team
“He get the reps that the backup guy gets. We do give them some reps. We give our guy reps. That the way that we do it. We do it on a percentage basis from Wednesday, Thursday to Friday. We operate that way and obviously, he take a bunch of the scout reps. We just need to get back in the groove and action with the team and the noise as I always say to you guys. That the plan as we get going today.”