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15 Superfoods to try for healthy fall eating

8 febbraio 2010 Senza categoria

15 Superfoods to try for healthy fall eating

Temperatures might come down as we move from summer

to fall, but choices at your local farmers markets

are on the climb, along with access to some of the

best superfoods to eat this time of year.

Apples The tart fruit is rich in antioxidants and

dietary fiber. Brussels sprouts A handful

contains a daily dose of vitamin K, folate and iron.

Parsnips The light colored veggie is your go to

for potassium and fiber.Cheap Jerseys from china Pears Either raw, baked

or poached, pears give you plenty of vitamin C,

copper and fiber. Cauliflower Compounds in

cauliflower carry vitamin C, can help prevent

cancer, and its phytonutrients may lower cholesterol

Squash Winter squash serves up omega 3 fatty

acids and vitamin A Pumpkin Found all over in the

fall, pumpkins pack potassium, a good dose of fiber

and B vitamins. Sweet potatoes Not only do they

taste good, the crop contains vitamin A, iron and

anti inflammatory benefits. Turnips The

vegetable’s leaves are layers with vitamin C,

vitamin A, vitamin K and folate. Pomegranates

This superfood, according to a study from UCLA, is a

prime source of anti oxidants, vitamin C and folate.

Dates The sweet fruit is low in fat, but high in

fiber and potassium. Kiwi Mix with other fruits,

or enjoy kiwi on its own to soak up vitamin C,

potassium and copper. Grapefruit Either in the

form of a fruit or fruit juice, grapefruit gives you

75 percent of your daily vitamin C, plenty of

lycopene and pectin, which helps lower cholesterol.

Tangerines Taste a tangerine to find vitamin C and

beta carotene.